Working for the Community

Student Work Experience placements 

We work in partnership with Inspire, the Educational Business Partnership for Hackney, local colleges and schools by hosting work experience placement for Hackney school and college students.  Last year (2011-12) we took on 5 students for their two weeks work experience programme.


Community health awareness workshops

In partnership with local voluntary and statutory agencies we organise workshops for the local community to raise awareness on the causes and prevention of various long term and serious illnesses e.g. heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes.   We also organise workshops on the need of healthy eating, lifestyle and keeping fit.

Educational Support Seminars for Parents/Carers

We organise seminars and workshops for parents and carers of school children to help them understand the educational system and how they can support their children with their school work and educational achievement.

Engaging Youths through Sports and other activities

We hold annual football tournaments for boys age 14-18 years encouraging them to participate and compete amongst their peer groups, helping them to understand each other while respecting the members of the wider community.  This will help them to grow into responsible, active and good citizens.

Similarly we are working with teenage girls encouraging them to participate in various activities to enhance their self-confidence through debating on current affairs, and activities’ e.g. swimming and zumba classes.

Skills training for those on low income and the unemployed

In the past we worked in partnership with UXL training centre and Hackney Homes to provide ESOL classes for unemployed Bangladeshi women living in Hackney. Over 30 women benefited from this programme and some of them went onto further studies in colleges.

Currently we work with Faith in the Future by referring people from the community to their ESOL programmes. We are planning to hold our own classes for these people to help them to develop their literacy and numeracy skills as well as basic IT knowledge.  We are in the processing finalising a suitable venue for this project.  

Debt Advice

We work with local agencies to help people from the local community with their debt and other financial issues.