Resident Involvement


We are committed to involve our residents in developing our policies and in shaping our housing management services to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.  To view our Tenant Involvement policy please click here

Involvement through fun and activities we encourage our residents in organising and planning the following activities;

Residents Fun-day – This is an annual event and is held during the summer holidays.  Tenants and their children are encouraged to attend these fun-days and interact with their neighbours and other Bangla residents and their families.  This is a very popular event and is attended by over 100 tenants and their children every year.

Annual Day Trips – This is another popular event which is organised and planned in consultation with the Tenants Focus group and the Resident Forum.  Tenants and their children are taken to an attraction of their choice on a day trip e.g seaside, fruit farms and theme parks etc.

Gardening Competitions – Tenants are encouraged to look after and take pride in their gardens, patio’s & potted plants.  This is done through competitions publicised via our tenant’s newsletter.

Involvement through meetings and formal liaisons;

Residents Forum – Tenants from different estates and blocks are encouraged to attend these meetings which are held at Bangla office which are publicise through our tenant’s newsletter. They meet quarterly and discuss issues around service improvement, policy reviews and estate issues.  We have an active resident forum regularly attended by about 10 residents.

Tenants Focus Group – This group meets every two months at Bangla office and are mainly dominated by women residents.  They discuss, organise and plan on annual day trip, resident’s fun-days and other awareness workshops.

Tenant Champions – We have a recognised group of residents who take interests in our management of their blocks and estates.  Our staff is regularly in contact with them in the upkeep and monitoring the services provided, e.g monitoring communal cleaning and gardening contracts and any day to day communal repair issues.

Involvement in the running and decision making;

Residents on Bangla Board – we have two residents on the Bangla Board of Management.  They actively participate and attend the Board meetings.  This enables our residents interests fully taken on at our strategic level and in the decision making body of the organisation.